Farm and Greenhouse Manager

The Tahoe Food Hub (TFH) is a non-profit organization that is galvanizing the North Lake Tahoe community to create a sustainable, regional and equitable food system. By educating our community on the environmental, economic and social health benefits we can work together to increase the security of our Sierra foodshed.

TFH networks a fair marketplace for small, family farms, increases access to nutritious, ecologically-grown food and provides an education farm where we can teach our mountain community about agriculture in an alpine ecosystem. The Sierra Agroecology Center (SAC) is a program of the Tahoe Food Hub. SAC teaches our mountain community about agriculture in an alpine ecosystem. Community members and school children learn about the importance of local food and sustainable farming practices, as well as the ability to further increase our food security by growing food locally in the mountains using 4-season growing techniques. SAC outreaches to local schools hosting tours and offering an outdoor classroom where students can learn social and academic lessons through system and project-based activities.

The focal point of SAC is its Growing Dome. Growing Domes are geodesic greenhouses which enable mountain communities to directly impact their food security by providing a 4- season growing structure designed specifically for harsh winter climates. The Dome Raising Project is an initiative of SAC whose goal is to "raise" Growing Domes for educational and food procurement purposes in the Lake Tahoe region. The Dome Raising Project is working with area schools to build Growing Domes as outdoor learning classrooms on school properties.

Job Description
The Growing Dome at the Sierra Agroecology Center
Reports to: Executive Director of the Tahoe Food Hub
Onsite rent is $600/month
10-20hrs/week @ $15/hr Farm Manager will live on site and pay off their rent by working in the dome. If they go over $500 in work a month, they will be paid the difference. The Farm Manager will be paid as an employee of Kelly Brothers Painting. A small 500 square foot apartment is available.

* At least 1yr experience working on a production farm cultivating specialty crops.
* Knowledge of animal husbandry and livestock management
* Practices sustainable, organic growing practices
* Passionate about local food and growing it ecologically
* Interested in using local agriculture as a way to build community and teach youth about growing food
*Looking for a commitment of one year

The Farm manager is responsible for the day to day year-round operations of the Growing Dome and farm at the Sierra Agroecology Center.

* They will oversee the growing inside the Growing Dome including the aquaponics system as well as the outdoor growing areas.

* They will develop seasonal crop plans rotating crops between successions having 3-4 rotations per year. Spring crop plan is due Feb 1st, Summer crop is due plans April 1st, Winter crop plan is due Sept 1st. Supplemental plantings should be scheduled as needed to fill in gaps and maintain year-round production.*They will follow good sustainable growing practices at all times.

* They will maintain the livestock, i.e. chickens, pigs, etc.

*They will manage a thriving compost program 6-months of the year gathering inputs from the farm and community partners.

*They are responsible for keeping a farm journal for good documentation.

* They are responsible for checking on the dome in the morning and evening to perform open and closing duties, i.e. water seedlings, vent the dome, feed chickens, daily chores, etc.

Compensation   this position is PAID: contract

Truckee, Californina
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Tuesday, April 5, 2016 - 12:00am
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Tahoe Food Hub
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