EcoGastronomy Dual Major 2016 Alumni Update!

2016 EcoGastronomy Dual Major Alumni Update - Another Great Year!

EcoGastronomy 2016 Alumni Update


2015  EcoGastronomy Dual Major Alumni UpdateAlumni Magazine

The EcoGastronomy Dual Major at UNH is delighted to send this five year alumni update out to you.   We hope the stories inspire you as much as they have us!  

Please take a moment to enjoy the EcoGastronomy Dual Major at the University of New Hampshire 5 year Alumni Update on issuu or click here to view it in .pdf

As of this May, EcoGastronomy Dual Major graduates will number 84 from over 27 different primary majors.   The dual major's experiential, interdisciplinary and international influence has had the favorable consequence of developing adventurous, entrepreneurial, and community minded individuals.  This is demonstrated by the impact you, the alumni, are making in the jobs and lifestyles you have chosen. 

The alumni have also been generous in offering our current students  mentoring, internship and job opportunities.