Cafe Coordinator

Flaming Eggplant Café Coordinator

Bulletin number: 2013-034SM

Opened: 7/19/2013

Closes: 8/5/2013 at 5:00 p.m. PST

The Evergreen State College is committed to prohibiting discrimination and to building a diverse faculty and staff. We strongly encourage qualified persons of all races, ethnicities, and sexual orientations, people with disabilities, persons over forty, women, Vietnam Era and disabled veterans to apply.

There is currently one full-time, overtime-exempt, cyclic year Flaming Eggplant Café Coordinator position available on the Olympia Campus of The Evergreen State College. This position is scheduled to work from September through July each year (August is off-contract) with benefits paid year round.  This position is exempt from Washington State Civil Service rules and the Fair Labor Standards Act overtime requirements.

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  • Salary      is $3,011 to $3,463 per month of full time work.
  • Experience      and training may be considered in salary placement.
  • A      full state benefits package which includes: paid sick and vacation leave;      paid campus holidays; a generous medical, dental, life and disability      insurance package for employees and dependents; retirement; deferred      compensation and optional supplemental retirement accounts.  For more      information about Evergreen's excellent employee benefits, please view
  • Exempt      employees that work more than 0.5 FTE will become eligible for the tuition      waiver program.

The Flaming Eggplant Café Coordinator is responsible for providing leadership, fiscal management, programmatic administration, and coordination for a student run Café that is collectively governed and sources ecologically and socially responsible food. This position manages operational budgets of approximately $85,000 and supervises up to 25 student employees and occasional volunteers and interns.  The Coordinator collaborates with students to develop policies and procedures, provides guidance and training, and works with students to establish goals for the Café. In addition, the Coordinator oversees the daily operations of the Café assuring that it functions in accordance with the mission and goals and ensures that all college and state rules, regulations, and policies are applied to the business and financial functions of the Café such as purchasing, personnel, and cash handling.

Organization Fit
The position reports to the Director of Residential and Dining Services (RAD) and works closely with RAD, Student Activities, and the Vice President for Student Affairs.

Environmental Characteristics
The Flaming Eggplant Café’s unique characteristics come from its history of student-led grassroots efforts to provide ecologically and socially responsible sourced food at affordable prices to the Evergreen Community. The Café is structured as a worker collective using a consensus decision making process. 

This position requires awareness, a passion for social and environmental sustainability, local economics, food security, cooperative management, and collective decision making. Operating a food service to these standards in an institutional environment takes tenacity and passion. The position both supports and holds students accountable in maintaining a healthy organization and successful business. 

The position is responsible for maintaining day-to-day operations of the Café, as well as ensuring the long-term continuation of the organization.  The Coordinator is the link between The Flaming Eggplant Café and departments which is relies upon at The Evergreen State College. The position works closely with the student leadership, as well as Business Services, Facilities, and Student Activities.


  • Bachelor’s      degree.
  • One      year full time experience in the food service industry, including      demonstrated experience with and knowledge about food sustainability and      socially just food systems.


  • Advanced      degree.
  • Experience      as an owner or manager of a food service.
  • Experience      working within non-hierarchical organizations.
  • Education      in sustainable business.
  • Experience      working with Banner or other computerized accounting system.
  • ServSafe      certification or willingness to attain.

This position manages the day-to-day Café operations including:

Program Coordination:

  • Meet      daily with the students to discuss and coordinate day to day management of      Café operations.
  • Provide      guidance and training to students to ensure collaborative and      participatory management of the Café.
  • Identify      employee needs for information, training, and support and develops and      coordinates necessary training in areas such as: consensus and      participatory decision making, collaborative leadership, conflict      resolution, and group process. 
  • Collaboratively      craft and refine policy and procedures pertaining to the organizational      structure of the Café.
  • Ensure      that student leaders receive proper training in areas of food preparation,      cash handling, barista skills, and equipment/kitchen safety.
  • Assure      the completion of quarterly evaluations of employees and exit interviews.
  • Address      interpersonal issues that arise amongst student staff.
  • Advise      on publicity and marketing initiatives.
  • Facilitate      student learning by supporting activities such as internships and individual      learning contracts relating to the Café and its mission.
  • Remain      available to respond to crisis situations as they emerge.
  • Provide      backup for all day-to-day Café operations.
  • Be      available for occasional night or weekend work as necessary.

Financial Management:

  • Serve      as appointing authority for financial matters and is responsible for the      management, oversight, and strategic planning of the Café’s operational      and auxiliary budgets.
  • Review      and authorize all expenditures from the operational budget and S & A      recharge accounts.
  • Ensure      compliance with all college and state purchasing and cash handling      policies and procedures.
  • Work      with the student Financial Committee and college Business Office to ensure      prompt payment of all bills.
  • Ensure      the completion of monthly comprehensive inventory of the Café’s food      assets.
  • Plan      and implement long- and short- range financial goals for the Café      including the annual operational budget.
  • Prepare      biannual report and budget requests to the S & A board for operating      support. In off years, prepare special initiative requests for additional      needs such as capital requests, goods and services, and leadership wages      that are not covered in operational budget.
  • Support      student Financial Liaison in the analysis and reporting of sales, product      pricing, and budget expenditures.

Administrative oversight of the Café:

  • Maintain      successful working relationships with Café vendors.
  • Source      ecologically and socially responsible food by researching and being      cognizant of the impacts of the Café’s purchases.
  • Maintain      accountability for the successful recruitment, hiring, scheduling,      training, and evaluating of all employees, volunteers, and interns.
  • Complete      relevant forms and documents for new employees and certify hours of all      employees each pay period.
  • Ensure      the Café is operating in a safe and healthy manner and in compliance with      the Thurston County Health Department.
  • Ensure      that the employee handbook and other official documents are kept up to      date with current policies and procedures and are properly stored on the      shared network.
  • Work      closely with Business Services staff (e.g., Accountants, Student      Employment, and Purchasing) to ensure compliance with all applicable      College policies and procedures.
  • Report      to the Flaming Eggplant Board of Advisors per the existing bylaws.
  • Work      with campus facilities to ensure that all equipment and other facility      issues are addressed in a timely manner.
  • Seek      out and organize professional development and networking opportunities for      the Café staff.
  • Develop      and maintain relationships with regional and national student food      associations.


  • Complete      other tasks or duties as required or assigned.
  • Serve      on College or Division committees as requested.


  • Ability      and skill in managing complex budgets.
  • Knowledge      of administrative functions such as purchasing, cash handling, and      timekeeping procedures.
  • Excellent      supervisory skills and facilitation abilities including: the ability to      supervise and coach a diverse staff, successfully train and direct the      work of others, evaluate performance, and address job performance issues.
  • Ability      to foster an environment of consensus and cooperation.
  • Ability      to work collaboratively with students, staff, faculty, and off-campus      community members.
  • Ability      to complete a diverse range of administrative duties within a college      environment.
  • Ability      to maintain, orderly accessible records, files, and policy and procedure      manuals.
  • Ability      to use Microsoft Office including Outlook, Word, and Excel.
  • Knowledge      and understanding of financial operations of a food service business.
  • Knowledge      about food systems, sustainability, and health.
  • Knowledge      of and commitment to social and environmental sustainability, local      economics, food security, cooperative management, and collective decision      making.
  • Ability      to understand the mission and vision and long-term goals for the      organization.
  • Ability      to maintain confidentiality.
  • Ability      to plan, organize, and prioritize work assignments; ability to multi-task      and manage competing priorities.
  • Ability      to exercise initiative in problem solving.
  • Strong      written, conversational, and interpersonal skills.
  • Excellent      public relations and customer service skills.
  • Skill      and ability in working with diverse staff and students and maintaining      sensitivity to differences.
  • Ability      to work occasional evening and weekend work.


Olympia, Washington
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Friday, July 19, 2013 - 12:00am
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Flaming Eggplant Cafe
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