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Dan Winans

Welcome from the faculty, staff, advisory board members, alumni and students of the EcoGastronomy Dual Major.  The EcoGastronomy Dual Major began its tenth year this Fall.  The Dual Major integrates the links between food production, procurement and cuisine with nutrition and health outcomes.  Student interest in this holistic approach has surpassed the initial projections for the EcoGastronomy Dual Major, which has led to exciting new developments to keep up with student growth. 

  • Students have the opton to study Spring, Summer, or Fall in  Ascoli Piceno, Italy 
  • We would love to hear from you as well about your EcoGastronomy experiences, and our Contact page encourages you to share your stories, pictures, and experiences.

EcoGastronomy Dual Major students hail from a wide variety of disciplines; this year, nearly 30 different majors are represented.  Going forward, our program looks forward to bringing together this diverse group of faculty, staff, advisory board members, alumni and students who are engaged in creating a sustainable food future and helping one and other succeed.   

Director, Daniel Winans

Our Mission

The Dual Major in EcoGastronomy prepares ambitious students for professions within our rapidly evolving food community—from farm to fork to nutrition and health outcomes—where ever-greater integration of sustainable agriculture, food, and nutrition requires a broad perspective and a specific blend of skills and knowledge. The Dual Major integrates systematically UNH strengths in sustainable agriculture, hospitality management, and nutrition to offer a unique academic program emphasizing the interdisciplinary, international and experiential knowledge that connects all three fields.


Our Faculty, Advisors, and Alumni





Our History  

In May of 2006, UNH signed the Slow Food Agreements of Intentions and Collaborations “for the purpose of creating a worldwide network of universities and research institutions linked to the International Slow Food Association.” These principles include “protection of agricultural biodiversity,” “support of the rights of peoples to self-determination with regard to food,” and “education of civilized society and training of workers in the food and agricultural sector.”

UNH is one of ten universities in the U.S. to have signed the principles, and the first to award the founder of Slow Food—Carlo Petrini—an honorary degree.

In July 2008, the Board of Trustees approved the dual major in EcoGastronomy making it the first of its kind at any university in the country.  In October 2008 the University of Gastronomic Sciences’ (UNISG) and UNH signed the Memorandum of Understanding(MOU)  at Terra Madre, Turin, Italy.  The MOU finalized the agreement for UNH to host UNISG students and to send UNH EcoGastronomy dual major students to Italy.

A one-of-a-kind learning experience that links the fields of sustainable agriculture, hospitality, and nutrition, the EcoGastronomy program is a partnership of University of New Hampshire's College of Life Sciences and Agriculture and the Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics in collaboration with the Sustainability Institute