NH Toy Library Network (2019)

Marisa Rafal '19 from the College of Health and Human Services won the $5,000 Maurice Prize in 2019 for her learnings while exploring her idea, NH Toy Library Network. The New Hampshire Toy Library Network is an initiative to support children and families across the state of New Hampshire by providing educational, enriching toys and games at no cost to families. This in turn reduces waste (since toys do not get thrown out as often), improves parent-child attachment and quality of dialogue, and increases equity and accessibility. Great work, Marisa!

ecoText (2018)

Joel Nkounkou '18 from the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences won the $5,000 Maurice Prize in 2018 for his learnings while exploring his idea, ecoText. ecoText is an electronic main-stream distribution platform service revolutionizing how college students obtain, manage and interact with their textbooks. ecoText acts as a bridge between universities, publishers and students. ecoText combats the rising costs of textbooks, alleviates environmental destruction, encourages publishers to produce high quality textbooks and keeps professors connected to their students. Congrats, Joel!