Videos from ECenter Events

This collection includes most of the ECenter programs and events to date. For the full collection of ECenter videos, visit our YouTube page


ECenter Director Ian Grant Discusses Entrepreneurship at UNH (02/26/2017)
Bootcamp: Networking (09/28/2016)
Speaker Series: Serial Entrepreneurs (11/15/2016)
Bootcamp: Legal (03/08/2017)
Bootcamp: Funding (04/17/2017)
i2 Passport Award Ceremony (05/08/2017)
The Power of E (07/08/2016)
Bootcamp: Marketing (10/12/2016)
Bootcamp: Idea Creation, Day One (02/20/2017)
Speaker Series: From First Generation Student to Entrepreneur (04/05/2017)
Student Debt Seminar (04/28/2017)
i2 Passport 2017-2018 Kick-Off and Speaker Series with Larry Weber (10/02/2017)
Speaker Series: Cutting Edge and Breaking the Boundaries (09/14/2016)
Bootcamp: Sales (11/14/2016)
Bootcamp: Idea Creation, Day Two (02/22/2017)
ECenter and i2 Passport Keynote Address with Jeff Hoffman (04/13/2017)
UNH Entrepreneurship Center (ECenter) (05/06/2017)
Bootcamp: Idea Creation (10/10/2017)
Bootcamp: Marketing (10/23/2017)
Design Thinking Bootcamp, Part 2 (02/06/2018)
Game Changers Speaker Series (04/23/2018)
Start-up Speaker Series (03/04/2019)
Idea Creation Bootcamp (09/30/2019)
Young Entrepreneurs Speaker Series 10/15/2020
Workshop: Building Company Culture (2/07/2022)
Bootcamp: Pitching (11/13/2017)
Game Changers Speaker Series (02/12/2018)
Idea Creation Bootcamp (10/01/2018)
Sales Bootcamp (04/22/2019)
Start-up Speaker Series (10/17/2019)
Idea Creation Bootcamp (10/04/2021)
Student Debt Seminar (Fall 21)
Alumni Speaker Series: Two Wildcats and Their Unusual Journeys to Start-Up Success 4/14/2022
Bootcamp: Design Thinking, Part 1 (02/06/2018)
Game Changers Speaker Series (03/05/2018)
Customer Discovery Bootcamp (02/13/2019)
Student Summer Showcase (08/06/2019)
Bootcamp: Agile (02/18/2020)
An Evening With Brian Skerry (10/18/2021)
Two Beats Ahead (11/18/2021)
Lessons Earned by a Serial Entrepreneur with Bill Seibel 3/28/2022