UNH Students Win $40,000 2nd Place Prize at e-Fest

April 13th, 2019 will be a day embedded into ECenter and UNH history! SMARTwheel, Inc., led by brother and sister co-founders, TJ Evarts '20 (CEPS) and Jaiden Evarts '21 (CEPS), placed second ($40,000 prize) at the largest national undergraduate business idea competition, the $250,000 Schulze Challenge, as part of the three day long e-Fest at University of St. Thomas in Minneapolis, MN. 

ExampleJaiden Evarts '21 and TJ Evarts '20 with Ian Grant at e-Fest

SMARTwheel was coached by the ECenter's Ian Grant. 

Commented Ian Grant, "Heartfelt congratulations to TJ Evarts and Jaiden Evarts and their company SMARTwheel Inc. to place 2nd at the Schulze Prize. To be this successful on the national stage makes us all at UNH proud of your work."

25 teams out of over 100 submissions made the finals. Finals included teams from some of the following top universities: Northeastern, Georgia State, Babson, UVA, Virginia Tech, Princeton, Auburn, and San Diego State. This is the highest placing UNH team in e-Fest history and firmly put UNH on the national stage.

SMARTwheel was also part of the ECenter’s 2018 Summer Seed Grant Program. Congratulations again to TJ and Jaiden!