Summer 2020 Interns


Rob Andreasse ('21, Paul College) is interning with NextStep HealthTech, a digital health services company founded by a UNH alum. 

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Izaiah Barba ('22, Paul College) was paired with Brickleaf Properties, a real estate investment company founded by a UNH alum. 

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Carola Davis ('23, Paul College) got an internship with Soteria Solutions, a company providing research-based, strategic, and thoughtful approaches to prevent sexual and interpersonal harassment.

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Kelsie Dawe ('22, Paul College) is working with Kikori, a tool which aligns experiential education activities with teaching and social emotional standards which educators can use to meet their students' unique needs and transform their classroom

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Darren Gibadlo ('21, Paul College) got an internship with NOCA Beverages, a spiked still water company started by a group of UNH alums.

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Aidan Kittredge ('21, Paul College) interns with Aisling Organics Cosmetics, a natural and organic cosmetics company with a plastic neutral footprint. 

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Marisa Labadini ('21, Paul College) in interning with Unruly Splats, a Boston-based company building ridiculously fun learning tools and experiences for the young people who will create the future. 

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Anna Pollak ('23, Paul College) is working with Soake Pools, a NH company building revolutionary, space-saving pools that combine the best of a pool and a hot tub, and provide year-round enjoyment.

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Hailley Simpson ('22, Paul College) was paired with Craic Sauce, a local and independent small batch hot sauce company!

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