Summer 2017 Interns



Josefina Ondo-Baca (Senior, Paul College) got an internship at Mayflower Venues, a blossoming wedding planning startup in the Boston area. She said of the internship program, “The experience gave me insight into the challenges and opportunities of a start-up and it has made me more confident in my ability to enter the professional work force.”

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Sriyaa Shah (Senior, COLA) interned with Cuseum, a Boston start-up dedicated to increasing user engagement with museums through customized mobile interfaces.  “It was truly rewarding having the CEO of the company as my supervisor. He constantly presented us with opportunities to visit events. This gave the entire team a chance to network and make connections with other professionals,” said Sriyaa.

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Adrianna Lamparelli (Junior, Paul College) got an internship with NOBL, a nitro-brewed coffee start-up founded by a UNH alum. “The company quickly became my family,” said Adrianna. “Also, this internship has filled my resume more in these 10 weeks than any of my other jobs have in the past 5 years.”



Cody Twombley & Nick Stuart (Sophomores, Paul College) got internships with Minim, a Manchester based tech startup focusing on IoT cloud security. They said, “Experiences like this are few and far between. It has been a crucial part of our development as entrepreneurs.”

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