Submit an Appeal for Visa Stamp Credits

If you feel that you are missing points, you may appeal to the i2 Passport Board within seven (7) days after the time of the event or when points are posted. Any appeals after this window will not be accepted, and you will forfeit the potential points. A Participant may appeal no more than three (3) times during the Program. 

As part of the appeal, you are required to submit to the ECenter a signed letter from the event sponsor or club leader saying that you were present and actively participated. In the event of an activity, provide the details and evidence of participation that includes dates and times. If the event sponsor/club leader letter cannot be produced for a valid reason, a 250-350 word statement explaining the content of the event as well as the time and location will be accepted in its place. ​

Files must be less than 10 MB.
Allowed file types: pdf doc docx.

After the letter or statement has been submitted, the participant will meet with a small selection of the i2 Passport Board to discuss the appeal. This step can be omitted by the i2 Passport Board if it is seen as unnecessary. 

The i2 Passport Board has the right to reject an appeal at its sole discretion. Once an appeal is rejected, it cannot be overturned and the points will be forfeited. All decisions made by the Board are final. 

If the i2 Passport Board finds that Participant is not eligible or does not meet the requirements for Visa Stamp Credit(s), efforts will be made to notify Participant within fourteen (14) days or before the close of the Program, if the event less than 14 days. 

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