Student Summer Showcase 2019 - Internships


This summer, the ECenter held our first ever Student Summer Showcase . The event on August 6th featured the students who have been hard at work in our Summer Seed Grant Program and Paid Student Internship at Start-ups Program! The Paid Student Internship at Start-ups Program, sponsored by the Patten Family Foundation, matches up to six students with start-ups for full-time internships over the summer. The students are each paid $4,000 over the course of the summer and work directly with the start-up founders/co-founders/CEO/COO. They get that "in the trenches" start-up experience which sets them apart from their classmates in traditional internships. Check out the videos below to hear about the invaluable experiences the Internship Program students discussed in their presentations at the Student Summer Showcase. Want to see what the Summer Seed Grant students had to say at the Student Summer Showcase? Check out the videos here


DJ Beasley - Sleepbox Internship
Jon Dryja - Twin Barns Brewing Internship
Alex Bunnell - UniteGPS Internship
Jacob Lenef - SplitFit Internship
Jessie DeLouis - YouScheduler Internship
Student Summer Showcase - Full Video