Student Spotlight: Nathaniel Hunt '22 (COLA)

Meet Nathaniel Hunt, co-founder of Spaitr, of Rochester, NH! is on track to graduate in 2022 from the College of Liberal Arts, with a major in Philosophy with a secondary focus in Business, Innovation and Technology, and a minor in International Affairs. UNH and the UNH ECenter is lucky to have him here after he transferred from Castleton University his sophomore year.

We were excited to interview Nathaniel to learn more about his experiences with the ECenter:

Did you have a background in innovation and entrepreneurship before coming to UNH?

Before coming to UNH I had absolutely no background or experience at all with ideas, innovation, or entrepreneurship. I had the idea for Spaitr almost four years ago at this point but I didn’t possess any of the skills to make it a reality until I came to UNH and discovered the ECenter.

What is Spaitr and how did you get started?

Spaitr is an idea that I had a little over three and a half years ago when I was at National Championship Weekend for college lacrosse, but as I said before I didn’t have any of the skills I needed to make it a reality. Once I found the ECenter I was about to really formulate my ideas and find my co-founders and develop Spaitr. Spaitr is a two-fold venture. The first part will be a butt end that will go in the end of a lacrosse stick that will track diagnostic information. Part two will be an application, which the plug will connect wirelessly to, that will serve as a platform for coaches to create a group for their team and track their results, growth, and diagnostics.

How did you hear about the ECenter?

I heard about the ECenter from a friend in my dorm. I mentioned my idea to him and he thought I should reach out to the ECenter because he had a class there and thought it was a great resource.

How did the ECenter help you grow your company? 

I think the real question is “How didn’t the ECenter help me grow my company?” Not only has the ECenter provided me with the coaching I needed to learn the business skills that I did not possess, but it also helped me connect to my co-founders, helped me connect with Pierce Atwood who is amazing at helping with legal work, provided a Makerspace for my company to start prototyping, and arguably most importantly, helped me find the love and passion for business that I otherwise never would have found without it.

What was your experience as part of the Summer Seed Grant?

The Summer Seed Grant was honestly a life-changing opportunity! Not only did it provide my team and I the chance to work on our start-up as our full-time jobs over the summer and get a jump start on the work we needed to get done, but it also provided my team and I invaluable mentoring from Ian Grant and Mike McClurken that gave us skills and knowledge that we will use for the rest of our lives.

How has the ECenter influenced your future career path/what skills have you acquired?

The ECenter took me from someone who had absolutely no interest in being involved with business after college, in fact, I said it was something I would never do, to someone who would LOVE to pursue business, particularly start-ups after college. I don’t know exactly what I’ll do or where I’ll be able to find a job (hopefully it will be Spaitr!), but that doesn’t worry me because the ECenter has provided me with skills such as how to conduct proper customer discovery, how to communicate with potential customers, business leadership, and so much more!

What do you want people to know about the ECenter? 

Honestly, I just want people to know that the ECenter is an extremely warm and inviting place that will always be there to help you no matter how big or small the question, and not to be afraid to take that leap and reach out to the ECenter because it honestly changed my life and it could change yours, too!

Will you be pursuing your company after graduation?

I don’t have my exact post-graduate plans yet. I would absolutely love to run Spaitr as my full-time job after graduation, that would honestly be a dream come true, but only time will tell with that. Other than that, I would love to pursue continuing to work in start-ups, I have found that extremely fun, creative, challenging, and rewarding and I can see myself doing it in the future.

Any parting words?

If anyone is interested in volunteering with Spaitr feel free to reach out at We would love to help you learn what it’s like to be involved with a start-up and use your talents to help us out along the way!