Student Led Organizations & Clubs

Student Clubs

UNH is home to over 332 student organizations and clubs.  The ECenter is home to the UNH Entrepreneurship Club and TechX, which provide a convenient way to engage with ideas, innovation, and entrepreneurial activities.

UNH Entrepreneurship Club (ICE)

The UNH Entrepreneurship Club aka UNH ICE is a club with the goal of bringing the UNH community together around innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship. Through guest speaker presentations, competitions, and conferences, UNH ICE welcomes UNH students, faculty, and local community members to gain exposure to the entrepreneurship world and entrepreneurial concepts.

The UNH Entrepreneurs Club meets at the ECenter weekly during the school year.

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TechX is a multidisciplinary organization with a goal to incubate technological ventures as much as possible. TechX is focused on building the connections between people, ideas, and technology required for successful start up companies.

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Check out all the student organizations and clubs at UNH. Many of which have elements of ideas, innovation, and entrepreneurship as part of their focus.