Requirements of Winner

The winner of the Summer Seed Grant is required to work full time on the idea/start-up venture for the duration of the grant period.

Part of the prize includes amazing support resources.  As a result, winners are required to be in the Coworking Space at The ECenter in Durham daily and to use that time to meet with your mentor and other professional service mentors including those from a digital marketing agency. This time will include review of previous week’s activities, issues, and planning for next week’s activities.

The small print (but important) compliance details:

No other summer employment is allowed during the 9-week Summer Seed Grant window to allow for your dedicated commitment to the learning and development process. Written agreement to this will be required and breaking the agreement will result in your forfeiting the grant monies and award.

If there is a team, equal work participation by all members of the team for the duration is required because we know that there is a direct impact on the success when a team only has one or a couple of people do the work and others don’t engage!  Lack of participation will result in that individual’s forfeiture of the grant monies.

All required paperwork including tax forms etc. must be completed prior to June 1, 2020. In the event paperwork and other materials are not completed, grant payment will be proportionality reduced until it is submitted

Grant payments will be at the end of every 2 weeks, if all milestones are met and hours are logged in.