Prototype Development

Prototype Development

Entrepreneur Tamara Monosoff stated in a recent Entrepreneur Magazine article that, “developing a prototype gives you the opportunity to really tap into your creativity, using those skills that inspired your invention idea in the first place.”

Makerspace at the ECenter

The Makerspace at the ECenter is for students and run by students. Equipment, tools, and machinery are there for you to use to build your prototype . Many students with a variety of projects have already built prototypes for their ideas.

 For more information, see the Makerspace at the ECenter page.

Third Parties

Not all ventures need to or can build prototypes. But, if you are considering it, the ECenter will leverage its partners, including the Wildcatalysts Network, to find and introduce you to potential prototype manufacturers.

Prototype Fund

Funding to help you pay for a first stage prototype. Learn more about the Prototype Fund on the the Funding/Investor Networks page.