Personal Participation

ECenter Mentor Club

UNH is known for the support of its alumni. This support and mentorship is widely embraced by those who share a passion for the entrepreneurial, start-up, and business owner experiences. The ECenter looks to connect ECenter mentors with students, faculty/staff, and alumni who are looking for the perspective and assistance from those who have already been down the same path.  We create a match based upon the skill set and industry of the mentor and the needs of the mentee.

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ECenter Networking Introduction Club

Sometimes it’s not what you know, but who you know. While there is also value in an experienced entrepreneur mentoring a new entrepreneur, we know that there is significant value in connecting people based upon the specific industry, market, product knowledge, and experiences that are required. We ask you to leverage your network to connect students/faculty/alumni who have early-stage ventures to the most appropriate individuals in your network, based upon the specific needs and qualifications.  The hope is that your LinkedIn and/or Rolodex can assist in direct introductions.

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ECenter Alumni Executive Management Bench

Early-stage companies often need to bring on experienced CxO/VP level team members to help in the continued rapid growth. The “Bench” is a database of such experienced alumni who are available to provide the required leadership. In addition, UNH has a significant amount of intellectual property (IP) available for commercialization—IP that a management team could take and use to create a new venture.

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