Mentor Network

UNH is known for the support of its alumni. This support and mentorship is widely embraced by those who chare a passion for the entrepreneurial, start-up, and business owner experiences.

The ECenter looks to connect ECenter mentors with students, faculty/staff, and alumni who are looking for the perspective and assistance from those who have already been down the same path. We create a match based upon the skill set and industry of the mentor and needs of the mentee.

The following are brief descriptions of current ECenter mentors and mentees. If you're a student, faculty/staff, or alumni who is interested in connecting with a mentor in one of the areas listed, please contact Program Manager Heather MacNeill at Similarly, if you're able to offer mentorship to one of the mentees listed, please contact Heather. 

Mentors available in these areas:

1. Technology and Software

2. Social Ventures

3. Conservation

4. Renewables and Environment

5. Craftsmanship

6. Accounting and Law

7. Application Development

8. Marketing/Digital Marketing

9. Sales

10. Fundraising

11. Product Development

12. Agriculture

13. Consumer Products

14. Cosmetics

15. Food, Beverage & Tobacco

Mentees looking for:

1. An electrical engineer who can help create a 1000 lum LED light. 

Additionally, the ECenter will be looking for even more mentors related to an I-Corps grant through the National Science Foundation. Review this flyer  for more details.