Judging Evaluation

In evaluating Maurice Prize projects and selecting the finalists to present and the selection of the winner(s), the Judges shall include the following evaluation criteria:

  • Importance and/or originality of the project/idea proposed in Registration on Intention to Compete
  • The thoughtfulness of the initial goals
  • Execution of the project
  • Depth of the learning experience the project gave to the participant(s)
  • Impact of the project on the UNH community and/or on external communities
  • Quality and clarity of the Formal Analysis
  • Quality and clarity of the presentation of the Formal Analysis (part of winning evaluation)
  • Responses to the questions and answers

Projects do not need to have a positive outcome in order to be a finalist or win the Maurice Prize. For example, research based on a given premise may end up proving that premise wrong. Or a project that involves a presentation to an audience may not receive the expected audience response. In such instances of failure or disappointment, the Formal Analysis should present an analysis of the reasons for the failure or disappointment and offer modifications that could have improved the outcome.

After it evaluates the formal analyses, the Judges shall choose finalists for the Maurice Prize. The finalists will be invited to present in person to the judges. The number of finalists may vary from year to year and shall depend upon the number of participants and the quality of the projects.



Finalists will be invited back to present their Formal Analysis in person to the judges. The limitations are 10 minutes for your presentation followed by a 15 minute Question and Answer session.