Judging Criteria

  1. The problem it solves
  2. The innovation of your idea
  3. The strength of the team to solve it
    • Bonus if the team is interdisciplinary (students from different UNH colleges)
  4. The business case
  5. Your initial 9-week plan and how you will make it happen

2017 Judges - 2018 Judges are TBA

Ian Grant

Director, Peter T. Paul Entrepreneurship Center


Marc Sedam

Associate Vice Provost of Innovation and New Ventures and Managing Director, UNHInnovation


Jen Purrenhage

ECenter Faculty Fellow and COLSA Professor of Contemporary Conservation Issues & Environmental Awareness (NR 435/NR 435H), International Perspectives - Global Environmental Science (IA 401), and Principles of Conservation Biology (NR 650)


Natallia Leuchanka

A first-year doctoral student in the Natural Resources & Earth System Sciences (NRESS) program at UNH and Graduate Research Assistant at the New England Sustainability Consortium


Josh Cyr

UNH WSBE alumni, founder of Alpha Loft, a Portsmouth City Councilor, serves on the City of Portsmouth’s Economic Development Commission (EDC)


Bob Phillips

Co-founder and CTO at TurnRight Advice Solutions and member of the ECenter Wildcatalysts Network