Idea Creation Bootcamp: Find Your Creativity

Every semester the ECenter starts off with the AMAZING Idea Creation Bootcamp! Why? Because understanding how to start the IDEATION process and successfully use that idea to move forward to solve problems is critical in the workplace. If there is ONE ECenter event to go to…this is it. An interactive, hands-on bootcamp with free food and drinks. Fun and inspiring. This is one of two Idea Creation Bootcamps offered through the ECenter, and is a mandatory event for i2 Passport participants.

The ECenter partners with industry experts to provide interactive bootcamps ranging from idea creation, marketing, pitching, sales, and more

Top Reasons to Participate:

  • Learn new skills through fun, interactive workshops
  • Build your resume - employers want to hire proven innovator
  • Learn how to generate ideas

Attend with friends and enjoy the best food you'll find at UNH events. 

There will be Free food, Free drinks , and Raffled prizes !

 Location for this event will be in Holloway Commons - Squamscott Room

Tuesday, September 27, 2022 - 5:30pm to 7:30pm