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The ECenter's Idea Connection Network is a virtual job board where you advertise open positions for your business or idea, or joining an existing team seeking your skills.


About the Idea Connection Network

Successful ideas and companies are built by teams with passion and expertise. 

The ECenter's Idea Connection Network offers a virtual way for student teams to advertise positions they need help with, and for skilled individuals to connect with teams seeking help.


Please submit the position request form below. Submissions only open to UNH Durham students.
Once approved, the posting will be listed and students can contact you directly.

Available Positions

Company Seeking CAD Designer & General Mechanical Engineer


Name: Tim Sicard '24 (PAUL)


Date of posting: 12/22/2021

Company/Idea: 3VIZE

Company/Idea Description: 3VIZE is developing practical 3D printed designs at low operation costs that are based around the needs of the user. Our products are made to be as universally applicable as possible. By addressing exclusion faced by marginalized students with disabilities, injuries, or medical conditions, we are directly addressing a necessary market and creating opportunities for growth.

Other team members: 2

Seeking: CAD Designer & General Mechanical Engineer

Help needed:

  • We need someone to help with creating file designs for 3D printing.

Temporary position: No, it's ongoing.

Full member of the team? Not sure yet.

Timeframe for work: Whatever you can do.

Compensation: Paid position

Company Seeking Electrical Design Specialist


Name: Nathaniel Hunt '22 (COLA)


Date of posting: 12/20/2021

Company/Idea: Spaitr LLC

Company/Idea Description: SPAITR developed the NEURO to track stick motion data, which is broadcast to an app where players and coaches can see the intricate details of their practice sessions and gameplay such as the speed of their shot, the angle of release, and the number of reps that were completed during a play session.

Other team members: 3

Seeking: Electrical Design Specialist

Help needed:

  • My name is Nathaniel Hunt and I am a student entrepreneur here at UNH. I am starting a sports technology company and am in need of someone who does circuit board design work that could help redesign my prototype and do things such as miniaturization. If you know how to do this kind of thing or know someone who does please reach out here or email me at We are willing to pay or provide internship experience for this kind of work.

Temporary position: Yes

Full member of the team? Unsure

Timeframe for work: Until the job is finished

Compensation: Paid position

Company Seeking Chief Marketing/Sales Officer


Name: Caleb Peffer


Date of posting: 1/4/2021

Company/Idea: HallHub

Company/Idea Description: HallHub is a mobile app that promotes community on campus, from residence halls outwards. It accomplishes this by using targeted advertising techniques for good - driving students towards building real, fulfilling connections in their community. The app is already on its third iteration, and we're collaborating with UNH Res-Life to run a beta test that will involve around 8 halls and hundreds of UNH students this spring.

Other team members: 3

Seeking: Chief Marketing/Sales Officer

Help needed:

Through HallHub, you have the opportunity to get on the ground floor of a promising startup. Apply your business, marketing, and sales expertise to a product that has already been designed and built. We're looking for someone who has a diverse set of sales and marketing experience, who can confidently reach out to possible customers, investors, and stakeholders and persuasively discuss HallHub's value and vision.

Required skills:

  • Strong interpersonal sales skills
  • Contribute a unique business perspective to strategy meetings
  • Creatively use social media to increase brand awareness
  • Strong understanding of entrepreneurship
  • Ability to write clearly and persuasively

Temporary position: Unsure

Full member of the team? Unsure

Timeframe for work: Spring 2021

Compensation: Equity

Company Seeking Multiple Positions


Name: Devin Ciampi '20 (COLA)


Date of posting: 10/21/2020

Company/Idea: Go Now

Company/Idea Description: Providing on demand delivery from to retailers to their customers in just two hours.

Other team members: None

Seeking: Lead developer, project manager, co-founder

Help needed:

A person who has a background in app development and the ability to lead a team of developers to a common goal. Lead developer would have say in the product and its design, so someone with a forward thinking  mindset who can help build an app and lead a team would be ideal. Finally, we are looking for someone who shares the same passion in the project and is willing to put in any work necessary to help make this come to fruition.

Temporary position: No

Full member of the team? Yes

Timeframe for work: 1700 hours in total

Compensation: Equity

Individual Seeking Company


Name: Patrick Earley '22 (CEPS)


Date of posting: 6/1/2021

Skills/Help with: Mechanical Engineering, including prototyping, 3D printing, CAD design, sensors, medical device design, biotech, and machining

Compensation: Volunteer

Individual Seeking Company


Name: Daniel McCarthy '22 (CEPS)


Date of posting: 10/26/2020

Skills/Help with: App developer and designer specializing in UI/UX design and React Native development for mobile apps

Compensation: Paid



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