Idea Connection Network

ECenter Idea Connect Board

The Idea Connection Board at the ECenter is a great way to look for opportunities and partners to help advance ideas into actions and actions into ventures.

Not everyone has to have the “a-ha" idea. At the same time, those who have had the “a-ha" idea don’t always have the full range of skills to advance the idea. There are many students who have specialized skills and an interest to help build someone else's early-stage venture.

That's where the “Idea Connection Board" at the ECenter comes in.

The board can be used to connect  those with specialized skills with those who need help with their ideas, and vice versa.  Find help with programming, marketing, sales, graphic design, financial modeling, engineering, music, app development...the list goes on and on.

Check out the board at the ECenter and the postings below. Email ECenter Program Manager, Heather MacNeill at if you'd like to partner with any of the ideas below or for more information.


Ideas Looking for People


Name: Dillon Healy

Idea: MERGE (app)

Needs: IOS Developer / data coder


Name: Dante Broadbent, '17

Idea: Online risk services for business

Needs: Website and marketing help


Name: Mark Oliver

Idea: 1000 lum LED light

Needs: Electrical engineer who can help create the LED light that uses unleashed potential power to the unit


Name: Zachary Eliopoulos, '19

Idea: Connecting people through our app to perform odd jobs and chores

Needs: App developers for IOS, Android, and website development


Name: Sam Warach, '17

Idea: AgLiaison

Need: Front and back-end IOS and Android developer (Javascript/Python CSS) and wed application developer


Name: Cody Twombley, '20

Idea: Online marketplace

Need: Wordpress/marketplace developer

People Looking for Ideas


Name: Dylan Wheeler, '20

Skill: Java/Python developer/HTML/CSS/JS/PHP

Looking for: Any ideas!