UNH Alumni Entrepreneur Hall of Fame

Over 10,000 University of New Hampshire (UNH) alumni have founded, co-founded, or run their own companies around the world.


In 2018, a generous gift from an anonymous donor was received “to create a UNH Alumni Entrepreneur Hall of Fame, within UNH’s Entrepreneurship Center, to celebrate the innovation and entrepreneurship that has been in the DNA of UNH students and alumni since the beginning.”

The UNH Alumni Entrepreneur Hall of Fame selection is based upon alumni who (a) have achieved entrepreneurial success with ventures as a founder, co-founder, or owner, and (b) have given back to the community in a meaningful way. The definition of “ventures” includes economic or social value in for-profit and non-profit entities. The Award will be given annually as part of UNHInnovation’s Innovators’ Dinner, usually held in October. The Innovators’ Dinner was created in 2010 to celebrate and encourage the commercialization of innovative ideas generated through UNH research. The inductee is also expected to engage with students at the ECenter.

The Hall of Fame process is managed by Ian Grant, Executive Director of the Entrepreneurship Center (ECenter). Nominations for 2019 are open and due by August 1, 2019.


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The ECenter currently shows some 600+ of the companies on its alumni wall at the ECenter. With the increased success of student entrepreneurs utilizing the two-year-old ECenter, the Hall of Fame will help inspire students and others to see what is possible when you have an idea and take the steps to move it forward into a successful venture. The inductee must be present to accept the award. Email any questions to ian.grant@unh.edu

UNH Alumni Entrepreneur Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony 2018
Alumni Entrepreneur Hall of Fame Student Engagement Panel 2018