Financial & Projects/Programs

ECenter Mentor Network raised nearly $50,000 to be used at the discretion of the UNHInnovation team to support entrepreneurial concepts on the UNH campus.  With the arrival of the director of the ECenter, the ECenter Mentor Network is now able to expand its role in support of the ECenter’s ideas/innovation/entrepreneurship engagement programs.  The other sources include corporate sponsorships and grants.

Today, the prime focus is to fund the Ecenter Mentor Network General Fund, knowing that monies will be used for the highest and best purposes deemed by the director. However, with a clear plan on programming, ECenter Mentor Network donors can now also choose a program or programs of particular interest.  Each of the following projects and programs are available to be “donor named” in appreciation of primary-level donors.

Launch Goal: $350,000  |  Total Annual Goal: $300,000  |  Endowment Goal: $1M - $7.5M

ECenter Mentor Network General Fund

Monies to be used across the various programs and projects based upon need, including the option to support and finalize partial funding levels at the discretion of the director of the ECenter.
Annual Goal: $300,000  |  Endowment Goal: $1M  |  Full Endowment Goal: $7.5M

Idea & Innovation (i2) Passport Program

The i2 Passport is a game-changing program that drives students to engage and learn about ideas, innovations, and entrepreneurship, and rewards them with a chance for student debt relief. Currently in development, the creative i2 Passport program has the opportunity to put UNH on the national stage in this area.  Tiered level passport visas are given for each activity in which a student participates. It rewards them with the opportunity to win $5,000-$50,000 of student loan debt relief. The pilot will take place during the second semester of 2017.
Opportunity: Operational/marketing funding and student loan relief funding
Launch Goal: $100,000-$250,000  |  Annual Goal: $125,000  |  Endowment Goal: $3.125M

Speaker Series

Proposed 2016/2017 series will bring in speakers who will share ideas, innovations, and entrepreneurial experiences, combined with small group workshop engagements.
Opportunity: Launch the inaugural 2016/2017 academic year of the speaker series
Annual Goal: $25,000-$50,000  |  Endowment Goal: $625,000

ECenter Promotion Support

The ECenter continues to build its brand and reputation in the greater UNH community. Marketing and operations funding for these activities is required to successfully engage students from all colleges, along with alumni and faculty/staff. It is only a two-person team, so additional marketing and operational intern support will be critical to the ECenter’s success.
Opportunity: Marketing and branding to increase student, faculty/staff, and alumni engagement
Annual Goal: $25,000  |  Endowment Goal: $625,000

Makerspace at the ECenter

Phase 1 is complete with funds from the ECenter Mentor Network. The student-run Makerspace (3D printers, laser and vinyl cutters, tools, industrial sewing machine, etc.) allows students to start to create ideas, and provide MVP/prototype products and interdisciplinary engagement.
Opportunity: Phase 2 equipment and/or annual materials to limit student out-of-pocket expenses
Phase 2 Goal: $100,000  |  Annual Goal:  $10,000  |  Endowment Goal: $250,000

Bootcamps (Sales, Marketing, Start-Up, Idea Creation, etc.)

Proposed hands-on bootcamps for students, faculty/staff, and alumni that are geared towards critical entrepreneurial aspects not currently available.  Facilitators will be both internal and external.
Opportunity: Launch proposed for the 2016/2017 academic year program
Annual Goal: $25,000  |  Endowment Goal: $625,000


Proposed hackathons will bring in students to compete in a 24-hour long focused problem solving event.
Opportunity: Kick-off first ECenter hackathon
Annual Goal: $5,000  |  Endowment Goal: $130,000

Summer Seed & Prototype Grants

Currently $10,500 split equally between three students, the Summer Seed Grant allows students to work on early-stage ideas over the summer with the support of a mentor program, and to be paid without having to find a summer job—2017 will be its third year. We are adding a grant component to help fund student prototype development for those ventures deemed ready.
Opportunity: Continuation and expansion of grant
Annual Goal: $15,000-$25,000  |  Endowment Goal: $625,000

Paid Internship Program at Start-Ups

This program is proposed for hands-on student engagement with start-ups. Not all students have the “idea,” but they are passionate about start-ups and learn by doing. This program helps resource limited start-ups as well. The Paid Internship Program is currently funded for the 2016/2017 academic year. 
Opportunity: Funding for the management and student internship stipends
Annual Goal: $4,500-$18,000  |  Endowment Goal: $450,000

First Generation and Women Entrepreneurial Engagement

30% of UNH students are the first in their family to attend college and 50% of students are women. Both populations are underrepresented in the national entrepreneurial environment. We will develop programs that look to overcome some of the initial barriers surrounding the idea, innovation, and entrepreneurial opportunities.
Annual Goal: $30,000  |  Endowment Goal: $750,000

FAN (Fund-a-Need): One-Off Funding of Early Stage Ideas/Concepts

Over the course of upcoming semesters, we anticipate unique opportunities that do not fit into our other programs/categories and are ideas/innovations/ventures requiring additional funding to advance. These could also include student, faculty/staff, alumni projects that have a specific connection to the interest of the donor(s).
Opportunity: Receive updates on options as they arise and opt-in to support
Annual Goal: $1,000-$50,000 (based upon need)

Services in Kind/Equipment Donations

Professional support is needed for digital marketing, accounting, legal services, and more to assist in the creation and development of ideas into ventures. Consider donating your company’s services.  Additional Makerspace and other ECenter equipment for direct impact for the UNH students, faculty/staff, and alumni is also needed.
Opportunity: Mutual determination of needs and resources available for donation