Faculty Expertise

The following faculty members teach at least one entrepreneurial course.

Akdeniz Melike Head Shot

M. Billur Akdeniz Talay

Associate Professor of Marketing

Phone: 603.862.0751
Office: Paul College 260G

Aliouche Hachemi

E. Hachemi Aliouche, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Hospitality Management and Co-Director, Rosenberg International Franchise Center

Phone: 603.862.1884
Office: 270F Paul College

Jay Berman

Jay Berman

Lecturer in Decision Sciences

Diane Devine

Diane Devine (Mizusawa)

Lecturer in Marketing

Phone:  603.862.0074
Office:  Paul College 265A

Dev Dutta

Devkamal Dutta

Associate Professor of Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship

Phone: 603.862.2944

Andrew Earle

Andrew Earle

Assistant Professor of Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship

Phone: 603.862.4535
Office: Paul College 360K

Kholekile Gwebu

Kholekile L. Gwebu

Associate Professor of Decision Sciences

Phone: 603.862.3372
Office: Paul College 260D

John Halstead

John M. Halstead, Ph.D.

Professor, Program Coordinator for Environmental and Resource Economics

Phone: 603-862-3914
Email: john.halstead@unh.edu
Office: James Hall, Room 138


David Haskins

DJ Haskins

Adjunct Instructor of Marketing

Phone: 603.862.3328
Office: 260U Paul College

Meghan Heckman

Meghan Heckman

Lecturer in English

Phone: 603.862.1313

Email: meghan.heckman@unh.edu
Office: 418 Kendall Hall


Kelly Kilcrease

Kelly Kilcrease

Associate Professor, Business Administration

Phone: 603.641.4186
Email: Kelly.Kilcrease@unh.edu
Office: UNH Manchester, Office 512


Peter Masucci

Peter Masucci

Senior Lecturer in Marketing

Phone: 603.862.0265
Office: 325 Paul College

Marc Sedam

Marc C. Sedam

Associate Vice Provost of Innovation and New Ventures and Managing Director, UNHInnovation

Phone: 603-862-4130

Building:  21 Madbury Rd, Suite 101

Jeffrey Sohl

Jeffrey Sohl

Professor and Director of the Center for Venture Research

Phone: 603.862.3373

Michael Swack

Michael Swack

Director, Center for Impact Finance

Phone: 603.862.3201
Email: michael.swack@unh.edu


Stacy Vandeveer

Stacy VanDeveer

Co-Director, Master in Public Policy and Professor, Political Science, Program Chair, Sustainability Dual Major

Phone: 603.862.0167
Email: stacy.vandeveer@unh.edu

Marco Vincenzi

Marco Vincenzi

Lecturer in Economics

Phone: 603.862.4111
Office: Paul 370V

Fiona Wilson

Fiona Wilson

Clinical Associate Professor of Social Innovation, Social Entrepreneurship and Sustainability and Co-Director of the Center for Social Innovation and Enterprise

Phone: 603.862.3903