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With a strong foundation and (hopefully) early paying customers, it's often helpful to start thinking about expansion and growth options.

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The How Now Wildcats Project - The Makerspace as a Learning Tool

April 28, 2017

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Through a VentureWell faculty grant received in 2016, UNHInnovation is currently offering a limited number of $500 sub-awards for materials and supplies that allow faculty from across the university to integrate the Peter T. Paul Entrepreneurship Center (ECenter) Makerspace into their course programming. This spring, UNH Lecturer Molly Campbell and Professor Dennis Britton applied for and received one of the faculty sub-awards and designed a collaborative project for their classes; English 502: Professional and Technical Writing and English 657: Shakespeare, respectively.

Resource Highlights


Funding/investor Network

Growth of ventures can happen through a variety of funding opportunities. The ECenter provides insights and potential introductions to some of those options.

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Prototype Development

There are many benefits to having a prototype of your idea. Prototypes help others visually understand and allow you to iterate versions to improve the product. The ECenter provides a variety of tools and resources to help you bring your prototypes to life!

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Business Model and Pitch Review

No matter how well you know your concept or business, it is always helpful to get another set of experienced eyes and ears to review and ask questions about your business model, plan, and pitch in the continual process of improvement.

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Management and Team Growth

Rare is the successful company that can be built alone. We offer advice on how to find and hire for your company’s growth.

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