ECenter Mentor Network

The ECenter Mentor Network is a growing group of UNH alumni, parents, and friends helping to build the entrepreneurial culture and experience at UNH for students, faculty/staff, and alumni through program development at the Peter T. Paul Entrepreneurship Center (ECenter) with financial support, personal mentoring, network introductions, and engagement.

About the ECenter Mentor Network

No one understands the needs of an entrepreneur more than a fellow successful entrepreneur.
Students don’t know what they don’t know, and one of our roles is to provide them with opportunities to identify problems and develop solutions—the “a-ha” ideas. Actions may develop from these ideas, be tested, and perhaps expand into ventures and start-ups.  At a minimum, this process will provide students with essential life-long tools they can successfully use regardless of their careers.

Other students, from freshmen to graduate students, in all colleges on campus, already come to us with exciting ideas they want to build into products or companies. We are here to help, but we also need your help—from mentoring and network introductions, to providing a financial boost to get the idea to the next stage. Our programs benefit faculty/staff and alumni as well.

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For more information about the ECenter Mentor Network, contact Director Ian Grant.

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