Business Model/Plan/Pitch Review

Marketing plan/pitch review

No matter how well you know your concept or business, it is always helpful to get another set of experienced eyes and ears to review and ask questions about your business model, plan, and pitch in the continual process of improvement.

The ECenter team and its partners have decades of "in the trenches" start-up experience with successful (and sometimes not successful) growth and acquisitions.  In addition, they have read hundreds of business plans and sat through more start-up pitches than they would like to admit. The good news is that you can benefit from our extended knowledge when we review your idea and share our thoughts with you.

There is a flow, cadence, and confidence necessary for successful pitch presentations. There are subtle nuances for a “pitch competition” that differ from when you are in front of a team of Venture Capitalist or Angels.  We are here to help you practice and make suggested modifications to make your pitch as powerful and persuasive as possible.

For more information or to set up a time to share your work, please email