Bootcamps, Speaker Series, & Events

Learn about ideas, innovation, and entrepreneurship from passionate leaders and experts brought to UNH to share from their experiences.

Open to all UNH students, these hands-on bootcamps are geared towards critical entrepreneurial aspects. Facilitators are both internal and external to UNH. Learn more about our Bootcamp schedule by visiting the Bootcamps page


Open to all UNH students! At a hackathon, small established teams brainstorm to solve problems and then share their solutions with the other competing teams. It’s a contest and the best ideas win. Oh, and you have fun along the way! Learn more about our Hackathon schedule by visiting the Hackathons page


Speaker Series:
Open to all, including students, faculty, and alumni, these formal presentations include one or more experts. Attendees are encouraged to ask questions and discuss the subject matter. Learn more about our Speaker Series schedule by visiting the Speaker Series page


More Events:

The UNHInnovation Wildcatalyst Seminar Series is a great networking and professional development opportunity open to all in the community. Learn more by visiting our More Events page