Board of Directors

The Makerspace Executive Board of Directors is 100% student-run. 

Kristopher Fargo, Director of Operations - A Mechanical Engineering senior who acts as the Director of Operations for the UNH Makerspace, Kris ensures operational status of equipment and helps coordinate with other volunteers to keep the space up and running. He has experience in the equipment provided in the Makerspace and is always willing to help others learn how to use them. He is knowledgeable about engineering principles and the design-to-prototype process. He also works at the UNH Interoperability Laboratory in the AVnu consortium developing software for testing conformance of Time-Sensitive Network (TSN) devices. Feel free to contact him with any questions at

Brandon Smith, Operations Committee - A senior at UNH working towards a degree in Computer Science, Brandon has been working at the UNH Interoperability Laboratory for 3 years as a software developer and technician in the field of Time Sensitive Networking and test tool development. Brandon is also CTO of a company called Pathlete - an online recruiting platform for student athletes. He dedicates his time to building powerful learning environments for those who are committed to expanding their knowledge and experience.

Heather MacNeill, Advisor - The Program Manager of the Peter T. Paul Entrepreneurship Center (ECenter), Heather oversees the Makerspace in addition the fiscal, operational, and administrative aspects of the ECenter, while implementing co-curricular entrepreneurship programs. She has ten years of program planning and delivery experience, including five years at Harvard Business School. Heather graduated from UNH with a bachelor’s degree in English in 2007. Her favorite thing to use in the Makerspace is the Laser cutter/engraver!


For more information on how you can get involved, contact the Board of Directors at