2019 Summer Seed Grant Winners

The ECenter is proud to announce the winners of the 2019 Summer Seed Grant!


MDRemindME was co-founded by Eric Ciarla (CEPS, '22), Benjamin Cappiello (Paul, '22), and Max Miller (CEPS, '20). Their aim is to tackle the widespread problem in the healthcare industry of noncompliance. They provide a complete patient retention and recovery compliance suite for medical professionals to manage and monitor the recovery of their patients in a nonintrusive and easy to maintain methodology. Congratulations to Eric, who will be representing the MDRemindMe team for the Summer Seed Grant!

NH Toy Library Network

NH Toy Library, founded by Marisa Rafal (CHHS, '19), is an initiative to support children and families across the state of New Hampshire by providing educational, enriching toys and games at no cost to families. This in turn reduces waste (since toys do not get thrown out as often), improves parent-child attachment and quality of dialogue, and increases equity and accessibility. Congratulations, Marisa!

The Bogey Bag

The Bogey Bag is a product and business founded by Steven Schnobrich (Paul, '21). The Bogey Bag is a punching bag that attaches to any golf cart allowing players to take their anger out in a fun and healthy way without paying the price of new equipment or injuries. Congratulations, Steven!