2017 Summer Seed Grant Winners

The ECenter is proud to announce the winners of the 2017 Summer Seed Grant!


Droppn (formally Droppit), started by Max Miller (CEPS, '20) and Sam Warach (PAUL, ’17), is a new social messaging service combining location services and augmented reality to put users' posts in the real world. Using map-interface, users can select any location, leave a message, activity, image, or gift drop, and send it to any of their friends. Congratulations, Max and Sam!

Sol Solution

Sol Solution team members Peter Abdu (CEPS, '17) and Cyle Ziegler (UNH Graduate School, focusing on electrical engineering and electromagnetics) are creating an innovative project that will make solar panels more efficient by passively regulating solar panel temperature. Sol Solution makes solar energy more appealing and cost competitive with current energy production methods. Congratulations, Peter and Cyle!