Mary Fran T. Malone


Mary Fran T. Malone is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science at the University of New Hampshire.  Her research focuses on the rule of law, examining the impact of the current crime epidemic on citizens’ evaluations of their justice systems and support for the rule of law.  She is particularly interested in how disagreeing (and sometimes even warring) parties decide to put aside their differences, and rely upon the rule of law to compromise and govern.  She has edited one book that examines how different countries have succeeded in peacefully coexisting, Achieving Democracy.  Her second book, The Rule of Law in Central America, examines how Central American countries abandoned civil war and dictatorship in favor of democracy in the 1990s, and whether this step is threatened by the current crime crisis in the region. 

Prof. Malone teaches several political science courses on these topics, including Pathways to Democracy, Latin American Politics, United States-Latin American Relations, The Politics of Poverty, and The Drug Wars:  a View from the South and North.