John W. Seavey

portrait of John W. Seavey in his office

John W. Seavey is the Everett B. Sackett Professor in the College of Health and Human Services and a Faculty Fellow in the Carsey Institute at UNH. He teaches courses in health policy at the undergraduate and graduate levels. His research focus has been on rural health care and more recently the role of socioeconomic status and health and disparities in health care. He has been the recipient of the School of Health & Human Services Teacher of the Year Award (1986), UNH Outstanding Associate Professor Award (1991), UNH Bill Kidder Faculty Award (1999), College of Health and Human Services Distinguished Career Research Award (2003), UNH Faculty Social Justice Award (2005), and the UNH Distinguished Professor Award (2005). As chair of the General Education Study Committee he put forth the idea of a UNH Dialogue Series, which has since been adopted by the University. He has participated in the past three Dialogue Series, Democracy, Poverty, and Health. His hobby is architectural/landscape photography.

Dialogue Essay:  Building the Foundation for a Healthy Life: Individuals, Communities and the State