David R. Hiley

My primary interests are the political theory, ethics, and the history of philosophy. My recent book, Doubt and the Demands of Democratic Citizenship (Cambridge University Press, 2006) uses historical studies and contemporary political theory to examine distrust and cynicism in democratic culture, the contested nature of public and private life, individuality and civic association, diversity and tolerance, education, and the democratic character. I have authored Philosophy in Question: Essays on a Pyrrhonian Theme (University of Chicago Press, 1988) and co-edited The Interpretive Turn: Philosophy Science and Culture (Cornell University Press, 1991) and Richard Rorty (Cambridge University Press, 2003). In addition, I have published articles and book chapters on philosophical topics in the philosophy of mind, history of philosophy, political theory, and ethics, as well as articles on higher education and teaching. I am beginning work on a new book that will explore issues of transnational democracy and global justice which grows out of research and teaching I did while directing the UNH Justice Studies Budapest Program in the fall of 2006.

My teaching interests are varied and included general courses in the history of philosophy, ethics, political philosophy, and 20th century analytic and continental philosophy. I also teach in the Justice Studies Program and the Humanities Program and am an affiliate faculty member of the Earth Systems and Environmental Sciences Program.

I have held academic administrative positions at four universities including department chair (University of Memphis), humanities research center director (University of Memphis), college dean (Auburn University and Virginia Commonwealth University), and provost and vice president (University of New Hampshire).

Away from the university, I am a serious photographer, and my wife, Angela, and I are serious dog owners, serious kayakers, and serious grandparents.

Universty Dialogue contribution: Democratic Education