Authors and Essays 2005

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Mimi Becker
Globalization, Ecological Security, and the Sustainability of Human Societies
College of Life Sciences and Agriculture, Natural Resources

John Cerullo
Human Rights and "Globalization"
UNH Manchester, History

Ross Gittell
Globalization of the Economy: What does it mean?
Whittemore School of Business and Economics, Management

Filson Glanz
Why isn't globalization as good for people as its marketed image suggests it is?
College of Engineering and Physical Sciences, Faculty Emeritus of Electrical Engineering

Lori Hopkins
Doesn't everyone speak English anyway? Multilingualism in the Age of Globalization
College of Liberal Arts, Spanish/ Languages, Literature and Culture

Tom Kelly
Virtuous Globalization: A Dialogue for the University of New Hampshire Discovery Program
Office of Sustainability Programs

Lawrence Chris Reardon
"No Dogs or Chinese Allowed": Globalization and China
College of Liberal Arts, Political Science

Joe L.P. Lugalla
Globalization and Structural Adjustments in sub-Saharan Africa
College of Liberal Arts, Anthropology

Jeffrey Salloway
The Global Distribution of Disease and Death
School of Health and Human Services, Health Management and Policy