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UNH students going to class

UNH students going to class

DSS is responsible for determining and ensuring academic and housing accommodations. Additionally, we are a source of information and referral, a resource and collaborative partner for the campus community, and a point of support and advocacy regarding access issues in general.

Self-identifying with DSS is the first step in both gathering useful information – what DSS offers & what other resources exist – and establishing accommodations. You will need to provide documentation, make an appointment to review/discuss it, and identify appropriate accommodations. Creating a faculty accommodation letter is part of that process. Please see the Documentation Guidelines for direction on what to provide. If you are unsure, submit/bring whatever you may have so we can review and evaluate it.

To get accommodation letters set-up:

1. Complete the Intake via ClockWork
2. Schedule to meet with DSS
3. Create an accommodation letter (DSS and student)
4. Send the accommodation letters via ClockWork (done by student)

There is no deadline to make contact with DSS, complete the Online Intake, or provide documentation to DSS. The process of identifying and determining accommodations is an ongoing conversation. Students should provide additional documentation and/or talk with DSS as concerns and needs arise, or as the condition of the disability changes.

As part of our effort to be paperless, all documentation should be submitted via ClockWork (in electronic format). Please do not send disability-related documentation to Admissions or Housing. DSS is the central location for this information. 

Important Message to UNH Students 

Remember, you may request your accommodation letter(s) at any time via ClockWork, and only need to make an appointment if there is a change to your letters! To request your letter(s), please login to ClockWork and click on Accommodation Letter Request.

Exam Proctoring: Presently, DSS is only able to provide limited space for those students requiring Assistive Technology. Instructors are expected to provide accommodations to students who are registered with DSS, and discuss logistics with the student on how those accommodations will be implemented. INSTRUCTORS, please check with your College regarding any support or process. As extenuating circumstances may arise, please contact DSS.

The University of New Hampshire is committed to providing appropriate accommodations and services to students with disabilities under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (amended 1978) and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (amended 2008). Contact the Affirmative Action and Equity Office, Section 504/ADA Compliance Officer (603-862-2930; TTY 603-862-1527) with questions about compliance or discrimination, or to file a complaint.