Philbrook Job Descriptions

Philbrook Dining Hall

Philbrook Dining Hall is located in Area 3 of campus (The Timbers).


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Job Descriptions

Each position is filled on a first come, first serve basis and although we try to accomodate personal preferences, an alternative position may be offered based on the availability of hours a candidate can work and what positions are available at the time of hire.

All UNH Dining employment positions involve various degrees of the following (with or without accommodation): Standing, sitting, kneeling, crouching, walking, bending, stooping, turning, pushing, pulling or lifting. Please see the hiring manager for more details about specific jobs. For information on how to request an accommodation, please visit the following website: or contact the department’s human resources partner.


Pizza worker at Philbrook


Postion is responsible for assembling and cooking of pizza utilizing a double deck conveyor oven. Insure that all menu items served have the correct menu tags to communicate nutrition and allergy information. Other items produced for the concept would be cheesy bread. Maintaining the Pasta Station includes two sauced (Marinara and Alfredo) plus one pasta. The utilization an automatic pasta cooker is used for cooking the pasta. Closing responsibilities include the removing of all food items at the end of the shift and coordinating with the production team as to its disposition. On Pizza Station, shut off heat lamps and thermal plates. Clean counter tops and glass sneeze guards. On Pasta Bar, empty all steam table wells of water and clean accorging to SOP. Insure that counter tops and sneeze guards are clean and streak free. Communicate with Supervisor before leaving for inspection and any other duties needed for closing.  Assist in other areas as directed by the management team.


Home Cooking

Position is responsible for the concept providing all dinner items to include multiple entrees, starch and vegetable options. Will coordinate closely with production team in the kitchen to insure that a proper amount of food items are available to provide uninterrupted service. Will insure that all items served have the correct menu tags to communicate nutrition and allergy information. Will insure that all food items are kept looking fresh and the countertops and surrounding areas are kept clean from spills and clutter. At the end of the shift, all food items will be returned to the kitchen, dirty dishes and utensils brought to the dishroom for cleaning and the entire concept cleaned and prepared for the morning meal. Assist in other areas as directed by the management team.



Two Philbrook workers at the grill station


Position is responsible for the assembly and cooking hamburgers, chicken patties and french fries. May assist in the prepartion, cooking and cutting of rotisserie chicken. Insure that all items being produced have the correct menu tags in place to communicate nutrition and allergy information. Hamburger production will include the use of a char broiler for the production of hamburgers and cheeseburgers to meet deman during the shift period. A strong focus on maintaining station cleanliness due to the utilization of high grease producing equipment. Assist in other aeas as directed by the management team. Will assist in set-up and maintaining of specialty bars for the dinner shift.



Philbrook dishwasher


Will work in the dishroom performing a number of tasks to insure that all china, glassware and silverware are properly cleaned, washed and sanitized in a timely manner. Insure that a proper supply of clean china and utensils are delivered to the front of the hous during meal service. Duties will include but is not limited to pulling and sorting smallwares from the accumulator in preparation for cleaning; trucking clean items to various concepts throughout the facility; loading the dishwasher; unloading the dishwasher; sorting and staging silverware for cleaning and delivery; scrape, wash, rinse and sanitize pots, pans and utensils at the pot washing station utilizing the three bay sink and automatic pot washing machine. At the end of the meal period, assist in the cleaning of accumulator, dishwasher, pulper, three bay sink and automatic pot washing machine. At the end of the meal period, assist in the cleaning of accumulator, dishwasher, pulper, three bay sink and automatic pot washer. Clean walls, floors and equipment to meet department sanitation standards. Assist in other areas as directed by the management team.


Philbrook employee with loaded Mongolian grill  

Mongolian Grill

Is a large circular flat top grill used to cook and prepare stir fry items to include: shrimp, beef, chicken, veggies. One would receive orders from guests and cook to their preference. Upon completion for said service; break down of prepared dishes, utensils and proper cleaning of Mongolian grill is to be expeted amoung other duties to help the Home Cooking line; due to the fact that the two stations are attached.



All Day breakfast worker cooking on the grill

All Day Breakfast

This station provides eggs, omelets and breakfast sandwiches cooked to order throughout the day. Will have to take orders, gather ingredients, and prepare order in front of guests. Maintain equipment: flat top grill, fry-o-lators, cold wells, refrigerator and freezer. Fill and maintain yogurt and fruit bar. Closing procedures would be to clean said equipment, utensils, dishes and garbage, floors.



Dining Assistant

Dining Assistant

Refills/restocks/prepares silverware, napkins, milk machines, cereals, juice machines, hot cocoa machines, frozen yogurt machines, condiments, waffle area, tea, fruit and coffee. Cleans all counters, tables, dining area floor and said machines. One will be sectioned into a "zone" and will have to maintain throughout shift.




Employees taking a break from pot sinks

Pot Sink

Clean metal pans and pots used from food preparation dishes. Maintains and cleans dish machine as well as the use of a three compartment sink while using proper sanitation methods.






Philbrook receptionist


Position is responsible for the accounting of all meal transactions. This includes the ability to execute meal plan transaction utilizing the card swipe, cash, credit, dining dollars and Cat's Cache. During the shift, meet all customers in a polite and courteous manner assisting those with questions and directing them to the management team if needed. Will enforce department policies such as not taking food out of the dining hall and the use of the official dining mug if coffee is to be taken out of the facility. Needs to insure that no backpacks or large bags are allowed in the dining halls. Will insure that entryway and surrounding area are kept clean and free from clutter. At the end of the meal period, will assist in other areas as directed by the management team.