Partnership for a Healthier America

Pictured: Harvest Salad with greens, grains, black beans, corn, tomatoes, etc.

On November 16, 2014, the University of New Hampshire joined 19 other college and university campuses across the nation to team up with PHA (Partnership for a Healthier America) for the Healthier Campus Initiative. This initiative was developed in an effort to help make campuses healthier by adopting guidelines around nutrition, physical activity and programming.  Dining Services has chosen 10 food & nutrition initiatives for assessment and verification. These range from standards around regular fruit, vegetable and whole grain availability, plant-based food options, to healthy desserts and a set number of wellness meal combos which adhere to specific food group and nutrient profile criteria. Presently under the guidance of the dietitian, our dietetic intern students have created a variety of wellness meals which use ingredients regularly available in the dining halls (examples include Berry Delicious Oatmeal or a Harvest Grain Salad with Curry Dressing). Plans are underway to have all 10 initiatives fully assessed, completed and ready for PHA verification by April, 2016 for all three dining halls, as well as the Union Court, Dairy Bar and Wildcatessen retail units – well ahead of the 2017 deadline.

For more information please visit: Partnership for a Healthier America