Meal Provisions for Sick Students

UNH Dining Wants You to Stay Healthy and Well-Nourished! If you are too ill to leave your room, you are eligible for a sick meal from the dining hall. Please notify your Hall Director or RA and provide the name of a friend who can pick up your meal in one of the dining halls. Your RA will coordinate with the appropriate dining hall manager. Help us avoid the spread of germs on campus!

We would like to ensure that students are still able to get a nutritious meal when they are ill. We hope by implementing this process, we can provide some comfort during that time.

The sick student needs only to inform their RA /RHD that they need a meal and provide them with their ID. The RA/RHD then contacts us at the numbers below to let us know that they will be picking up a takeout meal for a sick student.

The RA/RHD can also appoint another person for pick up, if necessary. Upon arrival, we will provide a takeout container and to go beverages as requested and swipe their ID.

The phone numbers to call by facility to arrange for a meal are:
  • Philbrook Hall (603) 862-9331
  • Stillings Hall (603) 862-0804
  • Holloway Commons (603) 862-0710