Looking for a job on campus? UNH Dining has one to fit your schedule!

Picture of employees having fun at the U-Day Picnic this year. Some employees are opening up their mouth to bite a hot dogs, others are smiling and posing with UNH buildings in the background.

UNH Dining Offers

  • Competitive wages
  • Flexible work hours - Can fit around academics and campus is schedule
  • Work as little as 2 shifts per week
  • Scholarship opportunities
  • Chance to develop valuable job skills

Non-Student Positions

For non-student positions, please click here.

Student Positions

If you are applying for a student position, fill out the preliminary online application or call the following locations for more information.

Philbrook Dining Hall

(603) 862-3514

Holloway Commons

(603) 862-4509

Union Court

(603) 862-1886

Philbrook Café

(603) 862-1259

Stillings Dining Hall

(603) 862-1347


(603) 862-4373


(603) 862-4228

Zeke's Café

(603) 862-4331

CornerStone 1926

(603) 862-7866

UNH Dairy Bar

(603) 862-1006