Guiding Stars Program

Guiding Stars Program Explanation Poster. Follow the stars to better nutrition. Foods with one star have good nutritional value. Foods with two stars have better nutritional value and foods with three stars have the best nutritional value.

UNH Dining Services was pleased to become one of the first schools in the nation to partner with the Guiding Stars® Licensing Corporation to supplement our nutritional labeling to encourage healthier eating throughout our operations. Combining the Guiding Stars® rating system with product signage that identifies key information like calories, grams of fat and grams of carbohydrates provides for one of the most complete simple to use nutritional guidance programs available today. 

UNH Dining introduced the Guiding Stars® program during the 2009/2010 academic year in an effort to inform students, faculty and staff about the most nutritious food choices. Guiding Stars® features a proprietary algorithm that rates the nutrient density of foods per 100 calories based on USDA, FDA, WHO, NAS, and other guidelines.

The ratings provide a measurement of best nutrient value for caloric intake and use a star ranking system to indicate the more nutritious food choices. (One star is good, two stars are better, and three stars are best. No Guiding Stars means the nutritional value of the food does not meet Guiding Stars' rigorous criteria). 

Since the introduction of the Guiding Stars® program, UNH Dining has been challenged to rethink ingredients and incorporate more whole grains, fruits and vegetables and fiber while reducing added salt and sugar. Early feedback has been positive and the Guiding Star® ratings are now used at our retail locations all around campus. Learn more about the Guiding Stars by using the links below.