To Go Box FAQs

1.) Why did we change our To-Go policy?

Smiling student showing her meal in a to-go box

In response to feedback we received, we replaced the disposable to go containers with a reusable to-go box. By using reusable containers, you will join others in the effort to reduce waste on our campus.

2.) What is the To-Go policy?

We are offering a plastic reusable to-go box for those guests who have a Core, Campus, Premier or Swipe Plan and wish to take their meal to go. These boxes may be purchased with a one-time fee of $3.25 using Dining Dollars, cash or credit card. When the guests returns for their next Meal to Go, they can return the used to-go box and receive a clean one for NO charge or receive a green “exchange loop” to be used to claim a new box at a later time. 

3.) Do I have to purchase a To-Go Box?

If you are a Campus, Premier or Swipe Plan holder and would like to use your Meals to Go option, you will need to purchase a to-go box. No other containers will be available for use.

4.) Why do I have to pay for a To-Go Box?

It is a $3.25 one-time purchase for the reusable container. Every time you return to any one of our dining halls, you can exchange your used container for a clean one or an exchange loop good for a to-go box at a later time. It is that easy. 

5.) Where can the To-Go Boxes be used?

Holloway Commons, Philbrook Hall and Stillings Hall.

6.) How many To-Go Boxes can each person have?

While there is no limit as to how many containers you may have, be aware that you will need to pay $3.25 for each one. We encourage you to only keep one container at a time.

7.) Do I have to wash my To-Go Box?

We handle the washing of all containers in our dishwashing facilities to ensure their proper sanitation. Participants can give their reusable to-go box to the dining hall cashier in return for a clean to-go box. We do ask that you please bring the container back as clean as possible.

8.) What happens if I forget my To-Go Box in my dorm room?

You will have two options if you forget your to-go Box. One, you can pay the $3.25  for another reusable to-go box or you can return to your room and bring the used container and receive a clean one at no charge.