2020 - 2021 Meal Plans

Some of the information on this page may not be applicable this fall due to COVID-19. Please visit Covid-19 FAQS for the most up-to-date information or contact us at (603) 862-1821 with any questions you may have. Thank you for your patience.

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A Quality Meal at Every Stop.

We offer a variety of meal plans and pricing created with convenience in mind to accommodate students’ busy lifestyles. Our meal plans provide great value, allowing you to eat at any dining hall, any time of day (during regular hours), as many times as you want. 

Here is a brief outline of our meal plan options. Each plan features Meals to Go, takeout meals available from any dining hall. Also included are Meal Exchanges which can be used in the Union Court as an alternative to eating in the dining halls during peak lunch hours. Students living in a traditional residence hall must choose from one of the unlimited plans each semester they are living on campus. Swipe Plans are available to students living in the Gables or Woodsides apartments, Babcock Hall or commuters living off-campus.

The Premier and Campus Plans include Dining Dollars. Dining Dollars are debit dollars that can be used at most Dining locations as well as Dunkin’ Donuts® (temporarily closed), most on-campus vending machines, online and mobile orders. Get a 5% discount at the register when you use your Dining Dollars.

Premier Plan Best Value text

Campus Plan

Core Plan




Unlimited meals in dining halls Unlimited meals in dining halls Unlimited meals in dining halls
10 Guest Passes 6 Guest Passes 2 Guest Passes
32 Meals to Go or Meal Exchanges 16 Meals to Go or Meal Exchanges 6 Meals to Go or Meal Exchanges
$300 Dining Dollars $200 Dining Dollars  

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The Premier, Campus and Core meal plans are valid through the last day of meal service in the semester of purchase.

You've got a lot on your plate. Save time with a Swipe Plan!

Swipe plans provide admission into any dining hall OR a Meal to Go or a Meal Exchange.  Swipe Meal Plans are available to all students living in UNH campus apartments, as well as commuters and those living in off-campus housing. The more swipes you purchase, the more you save!

Plans start at only 50 swipes!

$1,648/200 swipesBest Value text

$1,272/150 swipes


$894/100 swipes

$706/75 swipes

  $494/50 swipes

 Swipe meal plans are valid for the entire academic year, carry from semester I to semester II and are valid through the last day of meal service in May of the academic year in which the plan was purchased. Unused meals are not refundable.

*Meal plan prices are subject to change.