Use Images & Videos

Photographs and videos make your web pages more dynamic and engaging. Below are resources for university-approved high-quality media that you can use on your websites and social media channels. And if you need original images or video created, contact CPA for services or advice on outside vendors.


UNH provides high-quality, UNH-approved photos that you can use on your websites and social media channels.


If you have photos you'd like to add to ResourceSpace, please share them with your CPA communicator or reach out to us at



Website Image Guidelines

Read this KnowledgeBase article for information about image sizing, formats, dimensions and usage


UNH offers two options for using and uploading videos.


MediaSpace is a UNH-owned tool where you can store audio, video, and other media to use in websites or on social media, for public or restricted audiences. Using MediaSpace instead of YouTube allows you to avoid inappropriate content and ads, and lets you control the playback experience.


 DIY & Permissions

If you are not using pre-approved images from the resources above, you must get permission to use any media you include on a webpage, including photographs, images, illustrations, logos, videos and audio.

  • Review the copyright and permissions standard before posting any media, whether you did or did not create it yourself.
  • Download the photo release (see the standard for specific information on when you need to have a photo release signed).

Doing your own photography? Check out these photo and video tips.