Web hosting

UNH websites and web applications must have a robust hosting environment in order to be safe and reliable resources for the UNH community.

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Web hosting guidelines

  • AT strongly encourages all UNH-related websites to either be hosted on UNH servers or to use the myPages Personal Website Service. Please see the “How do I…” article on setting up a website for more information on the available options.
  • UNH-branded sites are strongly encouraged to be part of the unh.edu Drupal environment.
  • Official UNH websites should not be hosted on third-party services.
  • Non-Drupal sites may be hosted at UNH if they follow the standard for standalone sites.
  • Sponsored research sites may be hosted through the Research Computing Center.
  • Anyone choosing to set up a server at UNH must comply with all UNH server best practices as defined by UNH IT. This includes having a clearly designated individual who is responsible for the server infrastructure and hosting environment.


All UNH servers are subject to audits, security scanning, and review by UNH IT staff.

Website site owners, managers of any websites, and staff administering servers are responsible for responding to any reports of security issues or vulnerabilities or discovery of security breaches on their sites.  Any security concerns should be reported promptly by contacting the UNH IT Service Desk and informing the Technician that the caller is reporting an information security incident.


For questions regarding hosting, please refer to the Service Catalog for web hosting.


UNH AT reserves the right to remove a website from a UNH server if it is considered to have violated this standard or any other UNH policies or standards or if it is determined to pose a clear and present danger to the University, its information, or its information technology resources.  This determination may be made by the Information Security Officer or the Chief Information Officer.

Servers that are not being managed in accordance with UNH IT guidelines and security standards may be blocked from accessing the UNH network.

If inappropriate or inaccurate server usage is reported, UNH AT will contact the site owner to discuss the issue. If the site or content owner cannot be contacted or is no longer at UNH, that site will be administered by WMD and can be removed if deemed inaccurate or inappropriate. Unacceptable responses may cause UNH website, web tool, or server access to be suspended.

Reports regarding inappropriate server usage may be sent to UNH AT.