UNH Mobile App

The UNH Mobile App features a roster of apps including real-time bus arrival predictions and alerts, maps, dining hours, menus, Cats Cache, laundry use, athletics, push notifications and more, that can be customized by campus location and individual preferences.

Purpose and Audience

The UNH Mobile App is a free app available to the public that has the ability to send push notifications to all users or by audience type and location. The app is designed for students, prospective students, faculty, staff, parents and alumni.

UNH Mobile App Software

UNH Academic Technology (AT) is responsible for the maintenance and operation of the UNH Mobile App. The software application supporting the app is Modo.

Getting an Account

The UNH Mobile App is available to the public for free. Some areas within the app are only accessible by UNH students, faculty, and staff with active user IDs and UNH email accounts.

Downloading the UNH Mobile App

To download the app, visit the App Store for iOS devices, or Google Play for Android devices, and search for "UNH Mobile."

Mobile App Content

All UNH-related mobile content and functionality should be added to the existing UNH mobile app. If you are considering a mobile app, please contact Web and Mobile Development (WMD).

Guidelines for Requesting a Push Notification

Push notifications, alerts that go out to users through the app, can be requested through Web and Mobile Development (WMD).

  • Must only be for internal audiences—students, faculty, and/or staff
  • Cannot be the sole method of communication for official or emergency communications
  • Must be pre-approved as follows:
    • Faculty—Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs
    • Undergraduate Students—Dean of Students
    • Graduate Students—Dean of the Graduate School or his/her formally declared designee.
    • Staff—Vice President for Finance and Administration or his formally declared designee.
    • When a requested directed communication email crosses UNH community groups (i.e. is to be sent to, for example, Faculty and Staff), the request will be queued to a Communications and Public Affairs executive designated by the President.


Support for the UNH Mobile App is available through WMD. Feedback about the app can be submitted from the app menu.


The UNH Mobile App is offered as a self-service tool. Anyone who has questions about how to use the mobile app is welcome to contact WMD or attend the open walk-in training and help sessions that Academic Technology offers.  For a schedule of the training sessions and walk-in times, see the Academic Technology training calendar.

Responsibility for Content

UNH Academic Technology (AT) is responsible for the content on the app, though not responsible for websites or other apps that are linked to in the app. UNH AT is responsible for the app complying with all relevant laws, university policies and this standard.


App content is not archived.


Although UNH AT does not monitor or regularly review app content, it reserves the right to remove at any time any content that it considers to violate this standard or any other UNH policies.

If inappropriate or inaccurate content is discovered, UNH WMD will contact the site or content owner to discuss the issue. If the site or content owner cannot be contacted or is no longer at UNH, that content will be administered by WMD and can be removed if deemed inaccurate or inappropriate. When content is obviously unacceptable, UNH WMD will immediately remove the content prior to contacting the site owner. Unacceptable entries also may cause app access to be suspended.

Reports regarding inappropriate content may be sent to WMD.