myPages is a free web site building tool available to UNH faculty, staff, and students.

Purpose and Audience

myPages allows easy creation of appealing and functional websites to share research, scholarship, and other information with the UNH community and the public.

myPages Software

UNH Academic Technology (AT) is responsible for the maintenance and operation of myPages. The software application supporting the myPages is OpenScholar.


Getting an Account

UNH students, faculty, and staff with active user IDs and UNH email accounts may create myPages web sites. Log in at myPages to begin setting up your sites.

Guidelines for myPages

  • Instructions for logging in and setting up a website are available at myPages.
  • Additional step-by-step instructions are described in this article about myPages log-in and website creation.
  • Each account owner may create up to three myPages websites. If more than three sites are required, please contact Web and Mobile Development (WMD).
  • The name for the myPages website, both in the URL and in the displayed name, should reference the individual or group that is the main topic of the site.
  • As myPages is a publicly available service, it is only to be used for public-class data. No restricted or sensitive data should be hosted in the service.
  • Do not use the site for any commercial activity or display any ads. Any commercial or revenue-generating use of UNH logos or names must be approved through UNH Innovation's Trademark Licensing.


myPages is offered as a self-service tool. For support for myPages, please contact WMD.


Training sessions on myPages are offered periodically and anyone working on a myPages site who has questions about how to use the tool or post a certain kind of content is welcome to attend the open walk-in training and help sessions that Academic Technology offers in support of Drupal and myPages web authors.  For a schedule of the training sessions and walk-in times, see the Academic Technology training calendar.

Responsibility for Content

Personal websites are created by members of the University community acting as individuals rather than as official representatives of the University of New Hampshire.  As such, the myPages service is not to be used as the official website for any UNH college, school, institute, department, or administrative or service unit.

Site owners may elect to grant editing and other content creation and management rights to any other individual with a UNH account. Site owners, however, will ultimately be responsible for the site and its contents.

Authors of these pages are responsible for complying with all relevant laws, university policies, and this Standard.


MyPages websites are not archived. Individuals are responsible for backing up any website content that they post or remove.

If no edits have been made to a myPages website in a year, email notifications may be sent to the site owner. After notification, the owner will have 30 days to log into the site, or the site will be unpublished. Owners can log in and republish the site. If it is not republished, the site will be deleted after 1 year. Four notification emails will be sent out at 30 days, 2 weeks, 1 week, and 1 day prior to the site being unpublished.


In providing this service, the University does not preview, review or routinely monitor the contents of the personal pages of its faculty, students or staff. Concerns about materials on these pages should be addressed to the page owner. If that is insufficient to resolve the concerns, the reader should contact the UNH IT Service Desk. UNH AT reserves the right to remove any content that it considers to violate this standard or any other UNH policies.

If inappropriate or inaccurate content is discovered, UNH WMD will contact the site owner to discuss the issue. If the site or content owner cannot be contacted or is no longer at UNH, that content will be administered by WMD and can be removed if deemed inaccurate or inappropriate.