UNH websites use Google Analytics, a web analytics service, to help analyze traffic patterns, streamline the user journey, and personalize content for advertising and remarketing*.

Purpose and audience

The purpose of using an analytics tool is to help website administrators monitor and analyze traffic on their websites, in order to improve content and increase user engagement. The audience for this tool are website owners and managers.

Related Information

Analytics software

UNH Web and Mobile Development (WMD) is responsible for managing the UNH Google Analytics account.

Getting access

UNH staff, faculty or students with active user IDs and UNH email accounts who are involved with website management can request monthly analytics reports related to their sites. UNH website owners or managers may request access to the UNH Google analytics account for themselves, content editors or consultants to view information related to their sites. Accounts that have been inactive for one year can be closed by WMD. For reports or access, please contact WMD.


For support for Google analytics, please contact WMD.


Google analytics is a self-service tool. Training may be offered periodically through the Academic Technology training calendar.

Responsibility for Usage

Users must use the tool responsibly and not make any changes that affect accounts other than their own. All information collected and stored must follow Google and UNH cookie policies and the USNH privacy policy.


Analytics accounts remain active while the website they report on remain active.


If inappropriate or inaccurate activity is discovered, UNH WMD will contact the account user to discuss the issue. If the account owner cannot be contacted or is no longer at UNH, that account will be administered by WMD and can be removed if deemed inaccurate or inappropriate. When usage is obviously unacceptable, UNH WMD will immediately remove the account prior to contacting the account owner. Unacceptable usage also may cause UNH Google analytics access to be suspended. Reports regarding inappropriate content may be sent to WMD.

*All information collected by this tool follows UNH cookie and privacy policies.