Drupal Website Creation

Web and Mobile Development will take you from planning your website or application to ongoing support and maintenance.  Please review the steps below and fill out our request form for more information.


1. Define the project & create an outline (Client)

  • Who is the audience?
  • What message do you want to convey?
  • Create an outline to help define the site framework and content needed:
    • Home
    • About
    • Academics

2. Fill out the Project Request Form

Project Request/Support Form

3. Design (Client & WMD)

  1. Meet with WMD & choose the site design and content elements from the design library.  Examples:
    • Landing pages
    • News / Blog
    • Calendar / Events
    • People/Faculty listing functionality
    • Landing pages Buttons
    • Images
    • Slideshows
  2. WMD will create 3 – 5 wireframes design samples

4. Content

  • Most important, but difficult and time consuming part of the site
  • Ensure content is written and ready for each area of the outline created
  • Content can be migrated by client and/or WMD staff & student staff. 
  • Estimate 15 min per page for migration The client will review and edit the content. This will be completed 2-4 weeks prior to launch WMD is not responsible for content generation or editing.

5. Site Development in Drupal

Site development can include the creation of:

  • Base theme and styles
  • Home page
  • Page templates for: projects/programs, news/events/resources landing page, Blog / News functionality
  • Master Calendar Feeds or Calendar/Event functionality
  • People/Staff functionality, including content template, with tagging by topic, location, or program
  • Resource functionality with tagging by topic, location, or program
  • Ability to integrate partner listings for programs, events, or resources

6. QA

Prior to launch services include:

  • Testing across all major browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE, and Edge
  • Testing across a variety of desktop, mobile phone, and tablet devices
  • ADA scan of client content. Results provided to client for remediation
  • Performance & Security scan
  • High level site QA for broken links or other potential content conflicts
  • Client may be asked to respond to findings

7. Launch

  • Content must be 100% complete 2 weeks prior to scheduled launch date for WMD to complete all QA and site tests
  • All WMD launches are scheduled for Thursdays between 5 and 9 AM