Digital Strategy

The university’s primary purpose of learning, through teaching, research, creative expression, and service, will be supported by an integrated, forward-thinking digital capability.

This capability will also support the university’s position as a leading research institution and its role in serving New Hampshire and the region through education, outreach, and development.

On January 23, 2019, the Digital Governance Steering Committee approved a digital strategy for the university. The strategy sets out guiding principles and performance objectives that will help prioritize digital initiatives and measure their success.

Guiding Principles


Work across the university community to provide digital solutions that meet needs, share information and foster interconnectedness.


Provide digital solutions that are accessible, accurate, consistent, easy to use, secure and focused on all users’ needs.


Share and promote the university’s research, scholarship, teaching, student experience and creative activity with the public through digital solutions.


Be nimble, flexible and imaginative in quickly improving business processes through cost-effective, innovative, reusable, scalable and sustainable digital solutions.

Performance Objectives

The next steps will be for the Digital Governance Team to work with the broader university community to quantitatively define what digital success means for the organization.